The Process


with the end in mind

At Fatima C studios, photography goes beyond taking poses, editing and framing, I want to walk with you through the ideation process right down to the execution point. So, we start with the end in mind; kick off with ‘the why question’.

We know you need family portraits but why do you? What are you going to do with them? Is there a special milestone being created? What is the tale being told?

These answers will help us get a clear understanding of the tales you want to tell, and the memories you want to capture. With this information, we then craft a plan for where and how these photos will hang in your home or the presentation of the album or film.



Yes, we still aren’t ready to jump into using the camera. The consultation session comes before the photo-shoot. So after the chat about goals, we can then schedule a one-on-one consultation session. It is at this point that we plan your photo session.

The consultation will answer all your questions from what to wear, to how images will be displayed, color design, location planning, and then the look and feel of the session. We will discuss all of these and then I can paint a picture of what you should expect during the shoot. I’ll take your inputs and we can then discuss the cost, and fix a date for the session.



My sessions are designed to be relaxing and fun, and my goal is to leave you feeling as pampered as possible! I take all the time needed to document your family, as you wish. I love letting kids be kids, especially if they are active kids! What is photography if not capturing the moment? We capture kids just as they are, without trying to falsify the moment! 

Because I adopt a relaxed approach, clients warm up to me, get used to the environment, and are able to give me their real personality. It’s the same with kids for us. You have no worries. Your child will feel so at home during the sessions that you’ll be awed at the memories we’ll create. Being on the job for six years has equipped me with the necessary skills. 

The session takes place in my professionally designed, industrial style, cozy home studio in St. Johns. I work with controlled studio lighting and simple props and set designs. The studio offers a stylish and relaxed environment where we create a look that is sophisticated no matter what the Florida weather is. For kid-only studio-styled sessions, I offer creative images from my collection of unique, hand-painted images (I use all sorts of art mediums to create something special). I also offer outdoor sessions; depending on the style you choose. It is your memory, I am only here to bring it to life so I focus on creating unique arts that are true to your family, and the tales being told.


ordering appointment

In approximately three to four weeks after the photo session, we can then begin the ordering process. At this point, we want to know how many images you’ll be ordering and the sizes you’ll prefer. For wall gallery projects, I use my state-of-the-art software to scale the photos on the walls of your home, I will show your portraits scaled onto your walls, and this solves the problem of what size to order; not too big, not too small, but just right! No worries, we will review all the handcrafted and archival portrait products. I will guide you every step of the way using your goals from the consultation to achieve your vision on what will look best with your decor.

Your order appointment is the time set aside to finalize your portrait order; all decision makers should plan to be present. 



Receiving your printed pieces!!

Now this is the point where you get your package installed in your home. I will make arrangements for you to take your pieces home. And just in case you need help with installation, I can offer a complimentary installation service. This will take out the hassle of hanging your new art. 

Portraits make a house a home. Decorate your home with love. Once those portraits are hanging, you can sit back and enjoy them EVERY DAY. These are your precious kids —the ones who are growing too fast and who you will cherish till the end of your days.


I am thrilled that your portraits are hung with care, but I know the kids will keep growing and changing so this is not the end! What about next year or the year after that? 

Some families often come to me year after year. As your children grow and change, it will be time to update your portraits. So right from the start, we plan knowing that more may come. And I design around that! 

So, the next time you work with me, I will create artworks that coordinate with those of past sessions, and something you can build on year after year. 


International award-winning newborn and child photographer.