Newborn Model Contract Form

Thank You for inquiring about Model Call Creative Session! Often as Newborn Photographers, we need to get some tiny little baby models into the studio. There are numerous reasons for Creative Sessions. Sometimes we want to practice lighting, certain poses or create an idea that is running around in our head. We may need marketing material or possibly work on photos for a competition entry. Whatever the reason may be, you will be fully informed of everything during the process.

Creative Sessions are performed in my Shearwater Home Studio. These are NOT full newborn sessions. You will absolutely receive some beautiful photographs of your precious newborn, but the sessions will always have a purpose. As a thank you for your time, each Creative Session will come with the complimentary newborn session along with 3 free 8×10 prints. There is always the opportunity to purchase additional photos and prints from your session after you have chosen your three complementary prints, but there is absolutely no obligation too.

All families that take part in any Creative Session must be willing to sign a contract and model release to allow images taken at their newborn session to be used on my website, social media sites and competition entries.

Please fill out the following questions to continue with your Model Call Creative Session Application.

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    [/md-radio] [md-radio label="Will both parents be able to accompany the newborn at their Session? (Some Creative Sessions will require both parents to be apart of the session. This will be mentioned to you prior to filling out this questionnaire.)"]
    [/md-radio] [md-text label="Do you have any other siblings? Please list their Names and age. (For some Creative Sessions I may allow Siblings to take part in some of the photographs.)"]
    [/md-text] [md-text label="Session Date. Newborn sessions are best booked when infants are within 5 to 10 days old. "]
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    A. Session Fees The reservation fee for this session has been waived. B. The client has answered a model call placed by the photographer. The client hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions of the model call. The date, time, duration, style and content will be chosen by the photographer. The client will not be responsible for payment to the photographer for this shoot. In exchange for modeling for the photographers chosen shoot the client will receive 3 free 8X10 size prints. All images will be available at viewing session. Photographer will contact the client to schedule viewing session. C. Appearance The client agrees to arrive on time and well groomed. The photographer is not responsible for results of photos due to hair, makeup or wardrobe choice. D. Rescheduling If an illness or situation prevents a photo session from taking place, the client may reschedule their session at least 24 hours prior to their shoot without penalty. Should the client fail to give 24 hours notice, or decide to completely cancel the shoot, this session fee is forfeited and will not be refunded. Photographer reserves the right to reschedule due to illness, weather, equipment malfunction, or other circumstances beyond their control. E. Archive After three (3) months, all images will be purged from photographer’s hard-drive, except as needed for promotional purposes, to be determined by the photographer at photographer’s sole discretion. The photographer is not responsible for loss or damage to the digital files due to circumstances beyond photographer’s control. F. Damage The photographer is not responsible for the damage of portraits after delivery to the client, including damage caused during transit by US mail. Client assumes all responsibility for the safety of all portraits upon receipt. G. Fatima C Photography is not liable for the print quality, cropping or coloring of any photos not printed directly through my professional lab. Photo print quality is only guaranteed through photos purchased directly through me and my lab. Please note that there are significant differences between a consumer and professional lab. H. Model Release I hereby give to Fatima C Photography the absolute and irrevocable right and permission with respect to the photographs that he/she has taken of myself and/or my minor child in which he/she may be included with others: a) To copyright the same in the photographer’s name or any other name that he/she may select; b) To use, re-use, publish and re-publish the same in whole or in part, separately or in conjunction with other photographs, in any medium now or hereafter known, and for any purpose whatsoever, including (but not by way of limitation) illustration, promotion, advertising and trade, and; I hereby release and discharge the Photographer from all and any claims and demands ensuing from or in connection with the use of the photographs, including any and all claims for libel and invasion of privacy. I. Liability The photographer is not responsible for any injuries inflicted upon any participating parties. Client(s) will be responsible for their children and for themselves and release photographer from any claims against their person or their business. J. Copyright & Penalty Fatima C Photography retains all copyrights to all images created during client’s session. It is illegal to copy, scan, download, print, share, alter, or otherwise steal any image created by Fatima C Photography during client’s photo session. This applies to "sneak peek" images, images posted in an online proofing gallery, blog, Facebook, or hard copy images. If client steals images via any method listed above, or any other method, the client will be invoiced for the cost of EACH digital image client has stolen, at photographer’s current price per digital file. Note from the photographer: I work very hard to create images that reflect you and your family while keeping in line with my artistic vision and creativity. I know you will want to share them and include a sneak-peek for that very reason. However, I ask that you simply link back to my blog/website/facebook page instead of right-clicking, saving, and sharing the image via your own page. I hope that you will respect not only my hard work, but the time, money, and dedication that I have put into training and equipment to capture these images for you. Please do not steal them. K. Session Requests *No cameras/camcorders/any type of recording device (this includes cell phone cameras) are allowed during the session unless prior arrangement has been made between client and photographer, including a written agreement. The photographer will not continue if there are other cameras or video taping during the session. *Session starts at the agreed upon time. It is strongly encouraged that client arrives on time to the session. This allows for any last-minute feeding, changing, and relaxing before the session begins. *Please do not bring any children not being photographed to the session.
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