Children Photography

“Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart.”     -A.A Milne.

My goal and hope are that my portraits elicit great memories in the home of my clients for many years to come!

All About The Kids

Plan on being real and plan on having fun during your child photography session!

Producing beautiful and meaningful portraits requires so much more than a fancy camera and the press of a button.

During a child portrait session, I love to create something that is unique to the personality of that child. A memory that as a parent you can look back at and remember your children as they are.

I like to closely work with you to showcase the personality of your child at that point in his/her life.

About Our Photography Studio & Session

Child portraits are booked as in-studio full sessions (1 hr) or more depending what is needed for a session.

I recommend that we work together and have an objective of what you would like to showcase for your walls.

I want to make sure that we capture each child personality as naturaly and beutifuly as possible.

Your Style / Your Choice

I will style your child session prior to you coming in during our consultation and I will guide you on any selections to best showcase their personlaity before any photographs are taken.

My signature look is more of an editorial clean look. My goal is to showcase the child in a modern and timeless way.

Whatever your preferences are, I will help you select beautiful options for clothing and items that will enhance your heirloom portraits.

Ready To Book A Session?

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